UCSF Degreed & Postdoc Alumni


As UCSF student and postdoc alumni, you are a part of a worldwide professional community. Get connected and get career and professional development support! 

  • Join our LinkedIn Networking Group! We've partnered with the Alumni Association to create a professional community online. Join, and you'll connect with over 2,000 community members, learn about job opportunities, hear about upcoming programs and be part of career discussions health professionals, population and social scientists and life scientists.  
  • We offer four free counseling appointments for alumni seeking their first non-trainee position. We know that it may take time after you graduate to land your next position. For this reason, we offer up to four free counseling appointments for UCSF student and postdoc alumni seeking their first non-trainee position. This could include a nursing alumnus who graduates in the summer, but doesn't start his job search in earnest until the fall, a medical student alumna, finishing out residency at another institution, and would like help with applying for a faculty position, or a biologist who completed their first postdoc at UCSF.  Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we do not offer 1:1 counseling for alumni who have already been in the workforce after leaving UCSF. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us at [email protected]
  • You are welcome to attend any of our workshops and programs.
  • Search our online resources. We've organized our website by "neighborhoods" and have tailored samples for each UCSF population. In each neighborhood, you can view sample resumes/CVs, cover letters, thank you notes, networking advice and interview preparation questions. Most of our materials were donated by fellow alumni!
  • Check our opportunities board, which lists everything from postdoc positions, to APN jobs, to dental practices.

Have questions? Contact us at [email protected].