Application Materials Online Workshops for Health Professional Students

These videos, and the corresponding workshop exercise handouts, are interdisciplinary and modeled after our Application Materials Clinics (AMC) workshops.  We highly encourage students to review these videos and handouts prior to booking a 30 minute Resume, CV or Cover Letter/Letter of Intent review appointment.  

Note: 30 minute appointments are designed for general questions and/or final edits of your application materials.  Given the appointment length, it is highly recommended that the document you bring in be in the final edit stage which will allow you to more efficiently get your questions answered in the time allotted. 30 minute appointments are available Monday through Friday and are the quickest way to get your materials reviewed in person or via Zoom (for those located outside the Bay Area).  


Resumes/Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) for Employment

Resume 1 - Overview and difference between a CV and resume


Resume 2 - Goals: your message and identifying employer needs


Resume 3 - Categorizing and communicating your message 


 Resume 4 - Descriptive text


Resume 5 - Layout and formatting



Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) for Residency

CV 1 - Overview of a CV


CV 2 - Goals: identifying the message you want to send to residency directors

CV 3 - Categorizing and communicating your message

CV 4 - Descriptive text

CV 5 - Layout and formatting



Cover Letters and Letters of Intent

Cover Letter/Letter of Intent 1 - Overview and anatomy of a cover letter and letter of intent


Cover Letter/Letter of Intent 2 - First paragraph dissection


Cover Letter/Letter of Intent 3 - Second and/or third paragraph dissection


Letter of Intent 4 - Fourth paragraph dissection (for letter of intent writers only)


Cover Letter/Letter of Intent 5 - Fifth paragraph dissection