Companion Care - Part-time

San Francisco, CA
United States


My firiend's mom, Joanie, lives alone at Laurel St. and Clay St in a nice condo. She’s 76 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in January but is doing great now after a mastectomy in April. Cancer free. She not driving these days but walking a lot.

She’s had 9a-7p care for a while but that’s ending soon as she goes back to adult education programming on Mon-Thu, 10a-3p starting Sep 11. The care providers have been helping with meals, mainly dinner, and she’s a bit tentative on doing that herself again.

There are a few options of what could be good for her:

Weekend brunch/lunch/afternoon (a few hours)

One or two weekday afternoon/dinner/evening (a few hours)

She pleasant and easy to get along but really likes care providers that are younger, talkative, and energetic; not someone tentative who’s not comfortable conversing, encouraging, and helping her make decisions on food, walking, etc.







Email me or call me ASAP!

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