Alumni Career Paths in Field Science

May 19, 2021
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

This program happens once per year as part of the Every Month Series.
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There's more to industry than R&D! In Field Science jobs, STEM PhDs can directly partner with, educate or help the customer, client, partner or audience of an organization, making an immediate and personal impact on their market and mission. Field careers emphasize the importance of genuine, personable relationship-building, communication skills, technical knowledge, self-management, and leveraging both subject-matter expertise and emotional intelligence to meet with, educate and train people. With field-based experience, PhDs can quickly learn how businesses operate, hone their client-facing skillsets, and position themselves for a variety of next steps within the professional world.


Eleanor Zoe Kincaid, PhD - Regional Applications Manager at Cytek Biosciences (UCSF PhD in Biomedical Science, 2006)
Andrew Mancini, PhD - Field Application Scientist at MaxCyte, Inc. (UCSF PhD in Biomedical Science, 2018)
Mayra B. Pastore, PhD - Medical Science Liaison at Bristol Meyers Squibb (UCSF Postdoc alum, 2019)


Bite-sized job simulations for field science careers


This program is part of the Every Month Series.

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