OCPD Events for Researchers 2014 - 2015

We produce programs on three main themes:

Events for the 2014 - 2015 academic year are listed below.  Note that this list will continue to be updated with further details as they are available.

Professional Skills for Researchers


Preparing a Poster, for Health Professional Students
         Parnassus: Friday, August 29, 12-2pm, LIbrary, room CL 220
         Find slides here 

Research Talk Clinics: Improve Your Presentation Skills

Research Talk Clinics: 3MT competition

Create Figures in Adobe Illustrator


Scientific Leadership and Management
          Mission Bay: December 4 and 11, 2014, Gladstone Institutes
Publishing Your Research
Building Your Professional Network
Tackling Difficult Professional Conversations



A Better Approach to Grant Writing

           Learn how to tell a story that will capture your reviewers' attention 
                       Presented by Richard McGee, Northwestern University - Open to all
           Mission Bay: November 12, 2014, 9-11:30am, Mission Hall 1400

Nuts and Bolts of an F31 Application

F31 Preparation Workshop

Writing Qualitative Research

Funding Your Research Series:

          Navigating the NIH Grant Application
          Specific Aims
          Responding to Review
          Getting a Postdocotral Fellowship
          International Postdoc Funding

my Individual Development Plan series  (course with 2 sessions)
          How to Choose Your Ideal Career, session 1
          Goal Setting for Scientific Career Success, session 2
          Spring 2015, Dates TBA


Academic Career Paths

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Coming Up:
Coffee Hour: Planning your postdoc

Mission Bay: Wed, May 6th from 3 to 4pm in the new Mission Hall building. Registration required.

Past Workshops:
Exploring Faculty Careers Workshop

Mission Bay: Tues, April 7, 9:30-11am in Gen N 114
Parnassus: Tues, April 14, 2-3:30pm in Nursing 225

This workshop will provide an overview of the types of faculty positions and institutions in the US and the faculty job market, and will provide tools for identifying appropriate positions for your skills, values and interests, and to help you plan your academic career development.

Visas: After the workshop, international scholars will be invited to stay for a discussion about getting visas and green cards as new faculty members with Brian Groves and Chris Flores of the International Students and Scholars Office.
Creating Your Application Package - Seminar
                       Find out how to tailor your application to faculty positions 
                       Presented by Bill Lindstaedt - Open to all
                       Mission Bay: Monday, August 18, 2014, 2:30-4:30 pm, Helen Diller Center, room HD160
                       Parnassus: Thursday, August 21, 2014, 1:30-3:30 pm, Nursing Building, room N517
Reviewing Your Application Package - Workshop
                       Receive feedback on your application package from peers as well as OCPD staff.
                       Pre-registration required, limited space. Priority registration will be given to 8/18 and 8/21 seminar
                       attendees. Registration information coming soon.
                       Mission Bay: Monday, August 25, 2014, 3-4:30pm, Helen Diller Center, room HD160
                       Parnassus: Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 12–1:30pm, Nursing Building, N417& 423  
Ask Faculty Members - Panel
                       Ask your questions to faculty members from diverse types of institutions about their experience                      
                       applying to positions and/or hiring other faculty members.
                       Open to all - Panelists: Chantilly A. Apollon, Holy Names University; Teaster Baird, Jr.; San Francisco
                       State University; Sophie Dumont, UCSF; Deneb Karentz, USF; Joseph Lin, Sonoma State University;
                       James A. Olzmann, UC Berkeley.
                      Parnassus Only: Friday, September 5, 2014, 3-4:30pm, Nursing Building, N217
             Negotiating Your Faculty Position - Seminar
                       Find out how to negotiate once you get offers from institutions. 
                       Presented by Bill Lindstaedt - Open to all
                       Parnassus: Thursday, November 6, 2014, 1:30-3:30pm, N517
                       Mission Bay: Wednesday, November 12, 9-11am, HD-160 
                                              RESCHEDULED to: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014,12-2pm in Mission Hall 1407.

            Practice Your Research Talk - Attend a PSR Series Research Talk Clinic



            Mentoring for Success Program (Partnership with City College of San Francisco's Biotechnology Program). Semester-long workshops for UCSF postdoctoral scholars. Focus is on developing mentoring skills when working with diverse undergraduate students.

                        First Meeting at Mission Bay: Monday, March 2nd, 2015, 12pm-1:30pm. OPEN TO SELECTED PARTICIPANTS ONLY. For information about future opportunities contact Laurence Clement at [email protected].

            Mentoring for Success Program Information Session

                        Mission Bay: Tuesday, January 13th, 2015, 10 am to 11:30 am, MH 2106. No registration required.


Coming Up: 

           Science Education Journal Clubs in partnership with the UCSF Science & Health Education Partnership. Open to all. To receive announcements, papers and discussion questions, sign-up here.

                       Future Journal Club Meetings:

                       - May date TBA - sign-up here to get announcement.

                       Past Journal Club Meetings:

- Monday, April 26th, 12pm-1pm at Mission Bay
- Tuesday, January 27th, 3pm-4pm at Mission Bay
 - Thursday, February 26th, 3pm-4pm at Parnassus

Current events:

Science Teaching Effectiveness Program for Upcoming Professors (STEP-UP)

Mission Bay: April 16th - May 30th, 2015, Thursdays from 9am to 12pm (6 weeks). Register here.

Past events:

            Weekly Teaching Meetings for Science Teaching Effectiveness Program for Upcoming Professors (STEP-UP) graduates. OPEN TO SELECTED PARTICIPANTS ONLY. For information about future opportunities contact Laurence Clement at [email protected].

                       - Friday February 13th, 12-1pm at Mission Bay

                       - Tuesday February 17th, 12-1pm at Mission Bay

                       - Tuesday, February 24th, 9am-10am, Mission Bay, 

            Science Teaching Effectiveness Program for Upcoming Professors (STEP-UP)
            Mission Bay: January 20th- 23rd, 2015, from 12pm to 4pm (4 afternoons). REGISTRATION CLOSED.

            USF Teaching Information Sessions (find out more about the PUMT program)
                        Find out about USF undergraduate teaching opportunities for the Spring 2015 semester, which starts in January. Review of applications will start on November 11th, 2014.

                       Mission Bay: Thursday Oct 30, 1:00-2:00 pm; Mission Hall, Room 1400
                       Parnassus: Friday Oct 31, 10:00-11:00 am; School of Nursing, Room 729


            Teaching Assistant Training - Two half-day workshops between September 15 and September 26, 2014.

            Teaching Assistant Boot Camp Part 1. Registration Closed 

                       Mission Bay: Tuesday, September 16, 12:30pm-4pm
                       Parnassus: Wednesday, September 17, 9:30am-1pm
                       Mission Bay: Thursday, September 18, 9:30am-1pm

            Teaching Assistant Boot Camp Part 2. Registration Closed   

                       Parnassus: Friday, September 19, 9:30am-1pm
                       Mission Bay: Thursday, September 25, 12:30pm-4pm
                       Mission Bay: Friday, September 26, 9:30am-1pm

            Teaching Assistant Brown Bag Lunches 

                       Mission Bay: Thursday, Oct 2: HD 160 
                       Parnassus: Wednesday, Oct 8: Clinical Sciences C130 
                       Mission Bay: Friday, Oct 17: Byers Hall 212
                       Parnassus: Fri, Oct 24: Nursing 729

            Teaching Assistant December Meeting - Cancelled


Non-Academic Career Paths


Job Hunting in Biotech, part 1

     Learn job hunting techniques that comprise a comprehensive job search in industry and resume preparation and    
     Presented by Bill Lindstaedt - Open to all
           Mission Bay: Friday, August 22, 9:30-11am, HD -160
           Parnassus: Wednesday, September 10, 9:30-11am, Nursing 217
              Download slides from our November 2013 seminar "Job Hunting in the Biotech Industry Part 1"

Job Hunting in Biotech, part 2

     Improve your industry interview skills along with your compensation negotiation skills.

            Mission Bay: Monday, October 6, 3-5pm, HD -160

            Parnassus: Tuesday, October 14, 3-5pm, Nursing 217

             Download slides from our October 2014 seminar "Job Hunting in the Biotech Industry Part 2"