Biotech Industry Researcher Careers Series

Are you interested in a career as a researcher in the biotechnology industry? Check out the series of workshops to help you get started, interview, and negotiate!


Workshop 1:

Understanding the industry job market

In this 2 part workshop, we'll tackle the following topics. Part A: Many PhD students and postdocs say, “I’m going to ‘industry’ when I finish my training at UCSF”. But what does that really mean? Part B: Everyone knows that you must connect with industry scientists when applying for industry researcher jobs, but how? This is not a "networking" seminar! Rather, we will teach you specific strategies for finding job postings for research positions in industry, locating names and contact info for scientists who can help you, and getting your application in the hands of scientists who will advance your application.


Workshop 2:

Networking for an industry researcher position

Do you have a LinkedIN account but are not sure how to connect with professionals in your field? Do you want to find out or learn more about UCSFConnect? Are you curious about how to use networking effectively to support your job search?


Workshop 3:

CV/Resumes for an industry researcher position

Need help writing your CV or resume for non-academic employment? Come and craft your document at the next OCPD CV/Resume Workshop for PhDs. Join us for an interactive workshop that will teach you how to draft your document in a way that clearly shows why you're a top candidate. Attendees will also have opportunities to participate in activities that will help them critique and compose a better resume or CV.


Workshop 4:

Interviewing for an industry researcher position

In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare for interview questions you are guaranteed to be asked during interviews for researcher positions in biotech or pharma. From "Why are you leaving academia?" to "Tell me about a time when you've handled a crisis." We'll coach you through strategies that will help you respond effectively.


Workshop 5:

The job talk for an industry researcher position

In this workshop you will learn strategies to prepare for an industry job talk, understand how the job talk fits into the context of the interview, and how to structure your presentation and how much "academic science" to include. Finally, you will learn who to expect to be your audience and what the biotech / pharma industry is REALLY looking for.


Workshop 6:

Compensation negotiation for an industry researcher position

During this workshop, you will learn not only what goes into a typical industry job offer (salary, bonus, stock, benefits, etc) but also how to discuss compensation packages with your future employer and how to ask for more before you accept a job offer. You will have the opportunity to practice the language you will use in negotiations.