Seminar: The job talk for a faculty position at a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI)


In this seminar, we will discuss ways that candidates can strategically tailor their faculty job talk for institutions that are focused on both teaching and research from their faculty, such as primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs), liberal arts colleges, and master’s granting institutions. The PUI job talk is different from the R1 job talk, a conference presentation, or a departmental seminar. We’ll consider the structure of this type of talk, how candidates can present their science to this type of audience, and how to prepare for this talk. For example, what questions should candidates ask the search committee as they prepare their talk?


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the structure and purpose of a faculty job talk
  • Describe the differences between a PUI job talk and an R1 job talk, conference presentation, or department seminar
  • Describe the different elements of a successful faculty job talk at PUIs


Dates and times:

October 2018



PDF iconUCSF OCPD 2017 Job talk PUI slides.pdf

FileUCSF OCPD 2017 Job talk PUI preparation resources.docx


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