Career Exploration

Exploring career options means knowing how to find, assess and identify which overall career paths and specific positions and organizations  are a good fit with your 'critical factors' - your values, interests, skills and preferences. 

At this point in your career your focus will be on exploring and choosing a specialty. Finding a specialty which is a good fit with your values and interests can feel like a daunting step - particularly if you are unclear on where to look for reliable specialty information or what information to focus on during your research. 

Exploring specialty options

Gather basic information on the nature of the work and training required for 26 specialties on AMA's Careers in Medicine web site. For more in-depth information such as personal characteristics, salary, workforce statistics, match data, websites to specialty groups and publications sign in to Careers in Medicine.

  1. Research specialties by browsing medical specialty society websites.
  2. Tap into resources available through the School of Medicine. Talk with a representative from the Advisory College or your career advisor to learn more about a specific specialty.
  3. Talk with current residents and professionals in your specialty. 


Exploring non-clinical career options


Career paths

Communications and Journalism:


Healthcare Executive

Medical Devices

Pharma industry

Regulatory & Medical Affairs