Networking 101

"Networking" is just another name for the conversations you have, and relationships you build, with people in your professional community while you are pursuing your professional goals. As a student, reaching out to friends, advisors, faculty, mentors and colleagues can help you learn more about career options and opportunities. 

1. How to find people to talk to & build your professional network

  • The SOM Office of Outreach & Academic Advancement has a list of faculty, staff and alumni who have agreed to talk with students about their academic and professional issues. 
  • Join our LinkedIn Networking Group! We've partnered with the Alumni Association to create a professional community online. Join, and you'll connect with over 2,000 community members, learn about job opportunities, hear about upcoming programs and be part of career discussions health professionals, population and social scientists and life scientists.

2. How to establish a professional relationship

3. How to network in specific settings

4. How to establish a presence on social media

5. Want more help in building your professional network?