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Our office has been developing a new tool to assess the skills required for different faculty positions. The tool, called the Academic Career Readiness Assessment (ACRA) framework, was developed with a grant from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund.


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We offer a unique workshop to help you explore faculty careers and plan your training to attain your career goal: "Exploring and Preparing for Faculty Careers". Visit our workshop page to find out next dates.


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    A. Malcolm Campbell is a Professor of Biology at Davidson College. Campbell tells us about his experiences as a professor at a PUI. He has developed course curricula, written a textbook, published papers, and together with his students, he conducts genomic and synthetic biology research. He loves his work and encourages everybody to seek out a job that allows them to have fun.
  • Hear from Bryan Thurtle-Schmidt and Debbie-Thurtle-Schmidt as they discuss their personal experience around the dual-career couple academic job search, the skills they felt were most relevant for getting hired at a primarily undergraduate institution, and what the application, interview, and negotiation process was like for them.
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