Career Exploration: What are your options?

Exploring career options does not have to be daunting, if you know where to start. At this stage, the goals are for you to identify and assess which overall career paths and specific positions and organizations are a good match with your 'critical factors' - your values, interests, skills and preferences. To achieve these goals, you need to know how to effectively find opportunities, successfully network in your professional community and assess if a position is a good fit for you.

Overview of the landscape of career options in pharmacy:

  1. Read an overview about career paths in the field of pharmacy at the ASPH's website
  2. Read career profiles at APhA's website 
  3. Read Pharmacy Practice Perspectives, a magazine featuring an overview of career paths at CHSP's website


Specific career paths - Profiles:

  1. Clinical Research: Read a profile of a UCSF alumna in clinical research at science 
  2. Industrial Pharmacy: A day in the life of an industrial pharmacist: two perspectives, at the Pharmaceutical Journal
  3. Poison Control: Read about a typical day of calls at a poison control center, at the Illinois Poison Control Center Blog
  4. Pharma: Read about Pharmacists in Pharma at Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Program