Organizing and Preparing for a Job Search

A wide range of jobs are available for PhDs in non-academic sectors and in industry. Once you're ready to search for job opportunities, find articles and resources below to help you locate companies and opportunities.


Getting Started

In order to job hunt effectively, it's essential to know the job application process used in non-academic sectors. For example, do you know the difference between Human Resources and the Hiring Manager? If not, start by reading about Job Search Strategies - download slides  


Check out resources from our biotech industry researcher workshops to get started on your job search.


A. Networking

Roughly 75% of jobs in these highly specialized fields are found through direct contacts that scientists make themselves, via networking. We recommend you use both strategies below:
Using LinkedIn to find positions and connect with professionals


B. Dual-Career Search

Are you in a dual-career search and not sure what challenges and advantages you may face when starting your search or negotiating a position?


C. Job Boards for Industry Careers

 Know of another useful job board we should feature?  Email us.


Next Steps

Are you clear on the strategies you'll need to locate job opportunities?
If so, go to the next step: CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters: Learn strategies for reading a job description and tailoring your application materials.