Timeline for engaging with OCPD as a basic and biomedical graduate student (text)


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Rachel Care, PhD counseling topics: Choosing your thesis lab, managing your mentorship, difficult conversations, choosing your postdoc
Linda Louie, PhD counseling topics (for MIND/GSICE students): Career exploration, finding internships, preparing for internships
Laurence Clement, PhD counseling topics: Exploring faculty positions, planning an academic career, inclusive mentoring, inclusive teaching
Michael Matrone, PhD counseling topics: Exploring diverse careers, designing a job search, applying, interviewing, and negotiating for diverse jobs

Categories of OCPD resources

One-on-one counseling, professional skills, career exploration, diverse careers, train to teach, train to mentor, academic careers.

One-on-one counseling, professional skills, and career exploration resources are recommended for all students. Diverse careers, train to teach, train to mentor, and academic careers resources are recommended dependent on your career interests.

How to use this timeline

This timeline is a suggestion for when to use OCPD’s resources for your maximum benefit. Annual programs are listed in all years in which they are appropriate. Post it in your office, lab, or common space!

One-on-one counseling is offered and recommended year-round every year that you are at UCSF and up to one year after you graduate. Other programs are listed in the year and quarter in which they are available and recommended below.

The timeline

Year 1

Year 1 fall: Choosing rotation labs
Year 1 spring: Choosing a thesis lab

Year 2

Year 2: Managing PI relationship, finding your mentors
Year 2 winter: Learn to teach (Introduction to Evidence-Based Pedagogy)

Year 3

Year 3: Managing research collaborations, Every Month Series (hear from alumni in different careers)
Year 3 fall: Learn to mentor (Inclusive Research Mentor Course)
Year 3 winter: Learn to teach
Year 3 winter through summer: MIND (start exploring careers), Inclusive Mentoring Fellows
Year 3 spring: GRAD 201 (Developing Your Independent Research Program)

Year 4

Year 4: Every Month Series, practice teaching at USF/SFSU, Having a career conversation, Choosing your postdoc
Year 4 fall: Learn to mentor
Year 4 fall through winter: GSICE (get an internship)
Year 4 winter: Learn to teach
Year 4 winter through summer: Inclusive Mentoring Fellows
Year 4 spring: GRAD 201

Year 5

Year 5: Interviewing to avoid a bad fit, resources for applying, interviewing, negotiating, practice teaching at USF/SFSU
Year 5 fall: Learn to mentor
Year 5 spring: GRAD 201


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