Practice the faculty job talk

Participants will have a chance to practice their faculty job talk, which is a requirement for all faculty candidates applying to positions involving a research component, from liberal arts colleges to Research 1 (R1) institutions. Participants who chose to do so will get a chance to present a 30-minute portion of their faculty job talk to a peer team of three or more other trainees and receive structured and specific suggestions for improvement, based on OCPD's Scientific Presentation Rubric for Academic Job talks. Participants who do not have a presentation ready but would like learn by watching and reviewing other participants' talks are welcome to attend.


Dates and Times

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Mission Bay

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Participants can register as either a Presenter or an Attendee.


Space is limited for 2 presenters, registration is required. It is essential that participants who register to this workshop make every effort to attend, as space is extremely limited. Rooms to be announced after registration. 



  • Presenters will be asked to email their final presentation 48 hours before the workshop (by Sunday, January 7 at 10 a.m.), along with a sample job description to serve as an example of the position for which this talk was tailored.
  • Presenters are highly encouraged to use OCPD's Scientific Presentation Rubric for Academic Job Talks to develop their talk, as this document will be used to provide feedback.
  • Presentations cannot exceed 30 minutes in duration. Recommended outline:
    • 5-10 min introduction tailored to the type of audience you would expect to attend a job talk at your target institution
      • R1 institutions: colleagues from the same subfield;
      • non-R1s: colleagues from the same field, but different subfields, and possibly graduate and undergraduate students
    • 10-20 min summary of your results
    • 5-10 min future directions, tailored to the type of institution
      • R1s: focus on impact of proposed work and fundability
      • non-R1s: focus on feasibility with limited resources and undergraduate and Master's students


Resources for preparing your faculty job talk


Cancellation Policy

You must cancel at least 72 hours before the workshop to allow time for another person to register.
If you fail to show up to the event without any justification, you may be prohibited from registering to future OCPD academic career programs. To cancel, please follow these instructions. Email [email protected] with issues.

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