PhDs: Start Here!

Welcome! There are a wide variety of career paths open to PhDs in the life sciences, population sciences and social sciences.  Whether you're here to explore career options in academia or beyond, prepare application materials, or develop professional skills to communicate your work through posters, presentations or grants, the OCPD can help! We have online resources, programs and 1:1 counseling appointments for students and postdocs. So where do you begin?  Start here!

1.  Exploring Careers

If you're not sure about your career path, we help you find rewarding positions that are well-matched to your research interests, skills, and talents.​

  • Self Assessment: Figure out your strengths and set goals for your career and research projects.
  • Career Exploration: Find out what career options are available to someone with your skills, interests, and work values & get some strategies on how to choose one.

2. Organizing your Job Search 

When you know your career path, check out these resources to help you position yourself for the job and present yourself effectively throughout the application process.

3. Developing Professional Communication Skills

Do you need to improve your communication skills? We can help! Whether you want to communicate your work through a poster, presentation or publication, or are looking to network effectively, write a letter of recommendation, or have a difficult professional conversation, we have some programs and resources that can help.