Non-Academic Careers (NAC): Start Here!

Welcome! Looking to launch yourself beyond the academy? Look no further. Our office works with graduate students and postdocs in every stage of their career and professional development. We have resources and services to help you assess yourself, explore career options, organize your job search, and develop the professional skills to succeed in your career.

Where do you begin? Determine what stage you're in:

  1. Self Assessment: Explore your critical factors: your work values, interests, skills & preferences.
  2. Career Exploration & Decision Making: Find out what career options are available to someone with your skills, interests, and work values & get some strategies on how to choose one.
  3. Positioning Yourself For Your Career Path: Determine what skills will make you competitive for your chosen career path and how to get experiences.
  4. Organizing a Job Search: Learn strategies for organizing and navigating every step of your job search as a PhD or MD/PhD
  5. Career Management/Professional Skills Development: Develop communication, interpersonal and leadership skills to help you in every position.