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General guidelines for students, postbacs and postdocs:

  1. Determine if you're eligible to access services through the OCPD. 
  2. Each person is limited to five 50-minute appointments and five 30-minute appointments per academic year. There is no limit to 20-minute "Drop In" appointments.
  3. Each person can only book one appointment, with one counselor, at a time.  
  4. Please cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the appointment if you can't make it. Students and postdocs who fail to cancel their appointments 3 times will be ineligible from accessing appointments for the remainder of that quarter, so please cancel and reschedule.
  5. You must bring your UCSF ID to verify your identity at the appointment.

**Additional Information for Health Professional Students: 

Students have three options to see a counselor based on their appointment topic and location.  Please be sure to select the appropriate appointment or your topic, or your appointment will need to be canceled.  You will then be asked to rebook under the correct category.

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