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Looking for tips for navigating career exploration?

March 24, 2023

Linda Louie
Linda Louie, PhD

Linda Louie, PhD, the program director for career exploration here at the Office for Career and Professional Development has just published, “Strategies for Career Exploration in Uncertain Times,” at Inside Higher Ed.

Louie, who relates her own experiences navigating career exploration when she was a grad student, offers four concrete strategies to avoid faulty assumptions and clearly examine the best options available.

Read the full essay, explore our resources for...

OCPD Launches Peer Teams

March 2, 2023

This winter quarter the Office of Career and Professional Development at UCSF piloted peer teams as a new way for students and postdocs to engage with each other through professional development. Seven peer teams kicked off in January and will conclude at the end of March 2023. With the success of this pilot and growing interest, peer teams will be offered again in the spring quarter.

Based on the peer team model developed as part of the award-winning Making INformed Decisions (MIND) program, peer teams were designed as small groups led by facilitators, which support their members in making significant progress toward a self-defined career and professional development goal. Students and postdocs in peer teams were supported with live kickoff and finale events via Zoom, weekly activities and prompts from the facilitator, and weekly check-ins about these activities via Slack. Peer teams were organized around three experience areas:



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