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How far back do I go on my resume/CV?

By Sara Ayazi on August 31, 2021
This month’s career tip is how far back to go on your resume/CV. If you are grappling with this question, you are not alone! This is one of the most commonly asked questions I receive at OCPD and there are a lot of different schools of thought on this topic.

How do I establish myself in a new position?

By Sara Ayazi on July 29, 2021
This month’s tip is on how to establish yourself in a new position. Whether you are starting an internship, residency, or new job, below are several tips that can help you successfully transition into this new role.

Updated timeline shows graduate students how and when to engage OCPD

By Rachel Care on July 28, 2021
We've recently updated our timeline for graduate students in basic and biomedical science PhD programs! It shows the full array of OCPD's programs and resources laid out on the five years of a PhD program in a Gantt-style chart and includes links to our programing and resources.

We've had a staffing change

June 25, 2021
Our esteemed colleague Laurence Clement, PhD, Program Director for Academic Careers, has started the next chapter in her productive career. We thank her for her incredible contributions to our community and wish her all the best! Dr. Clement developed evidence-based, equity-focused trainings that...

How do I obtain a strong letter of recommendation/reference?

By Sara Ayazi on May 28, 2021
This month’s tip is on obtaining a strong letter of recommendation or reference. Letters of recommendation are often requested for residency, scholarship, and graduate school applications, while references are generally requested when applying for employment/postdoctoral scholar positions.

Should I include an "Interests" section on my resume/CV?

By Sara Ayazi on April 30, 2021
This month’s tip is on whether to include an “Interests” section on a resume/CV. There are a number of different opinions on this topic.* An “Interests” section is optional, and can be included if you have room on your resume/CV. I believe it is one of the most underestimated sections.

How do I build a relationship with my mentor?

By Sara Ayazi on March 30, 2021
We have all been there. We had one (or several) really great meetings with our mentor. But now what? How do we keep that relationship going? Below are several tips:

How do I respond to one of the most dreaded interview questions?

By Sara Ayazi on February 23, 2021
I recently received a question regarding how to approach one of the most dreaded types of interview questions--the behavioral interview question. Examples include:

New timeline shows graduate students how and when to engage OCPD

By Rachel Care on February 03, 2021

How do I write an effective thank you note?

By Sara Ayazi on January 29, 2021
This month's tip is on the art of writing a thank you note. I recommend writing a thank you note after every interview or networking interaction. Writing a thank you note is important because:


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