Trainee Opportunities in the OCPD

We invite students and postdoctoral scholars to join us and work on initiatiatives that help UCSF students and postdocs succeed. Our projects focus on program and resource development, assessment and dissemination. 


Current Projects 

Connecting Students and Postdocs With Their Professional Community: Coffee with Alumni Initiative

Image of Matthew Sugidoro
Matthew "Sugi" Sugidono, UCSF School of Pharmacy

Sugi is working with Program Manager Sara Ayazi in collaboration with the UCSF Alumni Relations office to encourage students and alumni to connect. The Coffee with Alumni initiative focuses on teaching students and postdocs how to conduct informational interviews and use UCSFconnect in a 1-hour workshop and then sponsoring them with a $10 Starbucks card to reach out and take an alum to coffee. Students who participate will be asked to share what they learned with fellow students/postdocs and take a selfie with the alumnus. 

His passion in pharmacy stems from his past experience as a clinical research intern at UCLA Health in oncology/hematology.

Before attending UCSF, Sugi served as a student ambassador at Loyola Marymount University's (LMU) Office of Career and Professional Development. He provided peer counseling in resumes, cover letters, social media, and additional areas of professional development for his fellow classmates. In addition, he has created graphic and presentation designs for marketing campaigns through LMU's Student Employment Services. Sugi received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at LMU in Los Angeles, California.Anchor


Helping Student Pharmacist Explore Career Options: Careers in Biotech and Pharma
Sugi is also working with Director Naledi Saul to build out the career resource pages for student pharmacists exploring careers in pharma/biotech. Students will be able to learn about the difference between pharma and biotech, career options and paths for pharmacists entering the field and 5-10 years down the road, companies, and fellowship opportunities in that path. He will also identify and interview UCSF alumni who have chosen the biotech/pharma career path.



Helping Student Pharmacist Explore Career Options: Careers in Health Outcomes

 Uche Mordi, UCSF School of Pharmacy

Uche is working with Director Naledi Saul to develop career exploration pages for student pharmacists interested in career paths that intersect between economics, health outcomes and pharmacy.  Students will be able to learn about positions that combine these fields and read job descriptions for specific job titles, career paths for pharmacists 5-10 years down the road, and organizations that hire for these positions. She will also identify and interview UCSF alumni who have chosen this path and ask for advice to best position yourself while at UCSF for these types of opportunities.

Before attending UCSF Uche served as an undergraduate researcher examining S&P 500 stocks alongside USC Economics Department professors. Her area focused on reviewing and predicting trends within health insurance entities like Aetna, Cigna and others post-Affordable Care Act implementation in 2014. While she accepts the rigorous academic environment of a professional student, she enjoys exploring eateries around the bay and training for multiple races during the year.

Uche received her Bachelor of Arts in both Economics and Biology from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. Fight on!

Supporting Women Leaders: Women's Career Advancement Symposium

Hailey Taylor, UCSF School of Dentistry

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Hailey is working with Program Director Anna Correa to execute our Career Advancement Symposium that tackles career issues facing new professionals across the biomedical fields. Our inaugural symposium was in November 2017 and focused on negotiation, gender gap issues and interviewing while pregnant. 

Before attending UCSF, Hailey worked as a chemical engineer in the Los Angeles area. There, she aided in the creation of a young professional’s group and led the group for two years. She planned mentoring events, leadership training, and social events for all the new employees. While she enjoyed the challenging work, Hailey’s passion for people and health care led her back to school to pursue dentistry.

Hailey received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Clinical Career & Professional Development Initiatives

Hailey Juszczak , UCSF School of Medicine

Hailey Juszczak, a second-year medical student, serves as a student worker at OCPD. Hailey works with the OCPD program directors to design and implement skills-based workshops and resources with a focus in women’s career advancement in healthcare fields.

Before attending UCSF Medical School, Hailey worked as a healthcare consultant in San Francisco. She is interested in the intersection and application of corporate career advancement tools in the setting of healthcare. Currently, Hailey hopes to pursue a career in surgery. She has a passion for promoting female representation and empowerment in the surgical field and other areas of healthcare. She is part of the leadership for UCSF’s Women in Surgery student group and is a clinic coordinator for the student-run dermatology clinic at one of San Francisco’s homeless shelters.

Hailey received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California

Helping biomedical trainees explore diverse career paths

Athena Lin, Graduate Division

MIND and GSICE Course Assistant | MIND Peer Team Facilitator

Working with Program Director Gabi Monsalve, Athena supports the design and execution of the Making INformed Decisions (MIND) and the Graduate Student Internship for Career Exploration (GSICE)  Courses, and also serves as a facilitator for peer teams. These programs support graduate students and postdoctoral scholars explore and position themselves for diverse career paths. 


Preparing for Successful Academic Careers

Kelly Albus, University of North Texas

Kelly is working with Director of Career Education Research/Program Director, Academic Careers Laurence Clement on a research project to identify the successful elements of teaching philosophy statements, a key element of the academic application process.



Would you like to work with us?  

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