Are you eligible for an appointment?

 Are you a:


Are you a current UCSF student, postbaccalaureate student or postdoctoral scholar at UCSF?

  • Yes, you can schedule an appointment! The OCPD serves UCSF students, postbaccalaureate students and postdoctoral scholars, who can schedule up to five one-hour counseling appointments and a limitless amount of mini appointments per academic year (August 1st-July 31st). 

Are you a degreed alumnus?

  • Degreed alumni can schedule up to four one-hour appointments and four mini appointments until July 31st of the year following their graduation. In addition, they can register for OCPD workshops/programs. 

A person who previously was classified as a postdoc at UCSF?

  • A person who previously completed a postdoc and left UCSF can schedule up to four one-hour appointments and four mini appointments until July 31st of the year following their separation. In addition they can register for OCPD workshops/programs. 
  • Note: if you joined UCSF classified as a postdoc and moved into another classification (e.g., 'research specialist', etc.), but are essentially in the same role, the OCPD classifies you as a current postdoc, and you can schedule up to five one-hour counseling appointments (and a limitless amount of mini appointments) per academic year.

Are you a Resident or Clinical Fellow?

  • Unfortunately, the OCPD does not serve clinical fellows. We also do not serve residents unless they pay into student service fees. If you are a resident with questions regarding eligibility, please contact OCPD.  If you are a resident/clinical fellow ineligible for our services, please check with UCSF's Graduate Medical Education for professional development opportunities

Are you an intern at UCSF?

  • Unfortunately, the OCPD does not serve interns at UCSF. 

Are you a volunteer, staff, or faculty at UCSF? 

  • ​Unfortunately, we do not serve volunteers, staff or faculty. Faculty receive professional development through Faculty Life and the Center for Faculty Educators. Staff can find professional development through human resources, at                                                                                                                                                      

Are you a student, postdoc, staff or faculty member at a fellow UC (UC Berkeley, UCSD, etc.)?

  • Unfortunately, OCPD does not have reciprocation agreements with any other career center, and OCPD staff do not see students, postdocs, staff, or faculty from any other institution.

Are you a visiting student or visiting scholar?

  • Unfortunately, OCPD does not serve visiting students or visiting scholars.

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