Seminar: Negotiating Your Faculty Job Offer


This workshop occurs in the fall quarter.
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Seminar goals

Get your questions answered:

  • What are the components of a faculty job offer?
  • How are faculty salaries structured?
  • How detailed should your start-up budget be?
  • What non-salary items can be discussed?
  • What strategies and language can I use to negotiate?


Bill Lindstaedt, MS, Assistant Vice Chancellor of UCSF's Career Advancement, International and Postdoctoral Services

Bill Lindstaedt has been helping scientists and engineers make career decisions for over twenty years. He was the director of the Office of Career and Professional Development at the UC San Francisco for 13 years. Since October 2014, he has served as the executive director of the umbrella unit known as Career Advancement, International & Postdoctoral Services (CAIPS). Lindstaedt is also co-author of "myIDP," a popular career development tool hosted by Science magazine's careers site.


Slides: UCSF OCPD Negotiating a Faculty Position-2019 Feb.pdf

Materials used in the seminar:

UCSF OCPD 2019 R1 Job Offer Letter.pdf

UCSF OCPD 2019 PUI Job Offer Letter.pdf

UCSF OCPD 2019 R1 Startup Budget.xlsx


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