Preparing for your appointment

Students and postdocs are eligible for five 50 minute appointments with a career counselor each academic year. Currently there is no limit to the number of 20 minute mini appointments that a student or postdoc can use, to answer a quick question. 

To make the most of your appointment, we recommend you:

  1. Identify what 1-3 topics you want to cover in your meeting.
  2. If you want a document review, print your documents and bring them to the meeting, even if you are going to bring a laptop to work on your document. 
  3. If you have specific questions - jot them down so you can remember them.


That said, for many of our students and postdocs, it's the first time they are visiting a career counselor. Even if you don't have time to prepare - come! We can start the conversation where you are, and help you develop a plan, review your application materials, conduct a mock interview, help you figure out how to negotiate, or just answer your questions. We're looking forward to seeing you.