Transferable Skills

Communication as a Science Program Officer in a Nonprofit

How do you apply this transferable skill in your position?

I see 'communication' as really 'communication and relationship building.' In order to be effective at partnering with internal and external stakeholders, you need to have well-developed communication skills in order to build relationships needed to tackle large-scale, collaborative projects. At the non-profit where I work, I interact with individuals from a diversity of backgrounds with different communication styles, and in order to be effective at partnering, I need to adapt my communications.

What specific skills are part of how you apply this transferable skill?
  • Writing for nonscientists
  • Presenting to nonscientists
  • Basic writing and editing
  • Speaking clearly and effectively
  • Oral communication skills
  • Written communication skills

How else do you use this transferable skill?
reflective capacity, self-awareness and awareness of others, active listening, intentional communications

Communication as a Executive Director in a Nonprofit

How do you apply this transferable skill in your position?

The professional indicated this transferable skill is important in their position, but did not provide specific examples.

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