Writing Resources: Personal Statements and Letters of Recommendation


Writing a personal statement, letter of recommendation, or fellowship statement is a reflective process. It requires one to be thoughtful about why one has engaged in professional experiences as well as intentional about what one has learned.

In general these documents should discuss how the applicants' pursuit of their goals has informed their career paths and ideally how their goals align with the mission and values of the organization they're seeking to join.

We recommend that applicants work closely with their school advisors, faculty members and skilled writers who know them well, to help them review and edit their documents.

Please note, while the Office of Career & Professional Development does not review personal statements, we support students in this process by offering guidance on developing a strategy for their personal statement, as we are in the process of reviewing their CVs. Students looking for additional help reviewing their documents can find a list of resources below including: online personal statement samples and referrals to copy editing resources.



Writing Your Personal Statement

Additional Personal Statement Samples



Writing Your Personal Statement

Additional Personal Statement Samples


Online Statement Review Resources:

Please note, this list is simply a collection of services curated from a google search on copy editing and in no way reflects the endorsement of any of the services listed. It is every student’s responsibility to research and validate their options so please make sure to engage in due diligence when contracting any services.


Letters of Recommendation Resources: