Office Hours for Getting Experience: Internships and More (In-person)

This program is not currently scheduled

However, you can find resources like slides and recordings under Materials at the bottom of this page. To get announcements when this program is offered next, sign up to the OCPD listserv and be sure to open emails from "UCSF Office of Career and Professional Development"


This February, we’re focusing on how you can get experience, which includes doing internships and other experiential learning opportunities. To support you wherever you are in this process, we’re offering Office Hours on February 13 (virtual), February 20 (virtual), and February 27 (at Mission Bay). Here are some ways we hope Office Hours will be useful to you: 

  • You attend our workshop Getting Experience: Internships and More on February 12 and have some questions you want to follow up about 
  • You have a question about your unique situation 
  • You want to meet other people who are also looking to get experience 
  • You’re working on our self-guided weekly prompts about networking, resumes, and finding opportunities for getting experience and you want to talk to someone about how it’s going, or create some accountability for yourself 

Prompts for this week

1. Identify a Position Description You Want to Apply For

Find a description for a specific experiential opportunity (or type of opportunity) you’d like to focus on. If you do not have one ready, you can browse samples on our career paths pages.

2. Format and Tailor Your Resume

A resume has key differences from an academic CV (for an example of the difference, look at this side-by-side comparison from our friends at UC Davis; scroll down to "Convert a CV to a Resume"). Also, see our sample resume for internships.

3. Consider the Specific Role You are Applying For

Resumes are not most effective when the same text is used for different positions. Watch this video on strategies for tailoring your resume here, and update your resume to fit the job description you chose.


Office Hours are a great place to get input from career counselors, student leaders, as well as your peers. OCPD’s Researcher Team – Drs. Ray Care, Linda Louie, and David Blancha – will be joined by senior students from our Career and Professional Development Leadership Internship to discuss your questions. We look forward to talking with you! 

Who should attend

This workshop is recommended for students and postdocs at any point in the process of getting experience. We’d love to see you even if you aren’t able to attend the workshop. You’re welcome to come to as many Office Hours as you are able, especially if you want support or accountability for the weekly prompts. 


Bring any questions that you have, or just come for support and community with others going through the same process. Multiple career counselors and peer mentors will be on hand for conversations and questions over informal lunch. 

A note about our virtual events: We would like to welcome you, as and where you are, to our virtual events. If there are times you just don’t want to be on camera, feel free to attend this event with your camera and mic off. If you prefer to switch on your camera and participate that’s great too. And if this event just won’t work for you please remember you can always make an appointment with us at any time. 

UCSF is committed to making its facilities, activities and events accessible. To request accommodations for this event, please contact Trish McGrath ([email protected]) at the Office of Career and Professional Development at least one week before the event.