Timeline for Engaging OCPD

Welcome to the timeline for engaging with OCPD! On this page you’ll find two timelines: one for PhD graduate students and one for postdoctoral scholars.

The timeline is not a recipe – it’s a menu

We don’t expect you to use all of the resources. Instead, choose from it what you would like. The timing of each resource is a serving suggestion, but there is flexibility to use our resources at the time that feels right for you. Think of the four areas of career and professional development like courses in a meal - we recommend selecting resources from each of them during your time at UCSF. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend starting at the top and working your way down.

Each timeline is a Gantt-style chart that shows the OCPD programs (shaded rectangles) and resources (open rectangles) that are relevant for PhD students or postdocs. The color of the rectangles corresponds with one of the four aspects of career and professional development, which are named on the left (we’ve used these same categories to organize our website). The horizontal position and length of the rectangles corresponds to when we recommend engaging with these resources over the course of a PhD or postdoc.

What does this timeline do?

  • Catalogues all of OCPD's resources in one place, including links to each resource on our webpage
  • Indicates when each OCPD resource is relevant and available
  • Demonstrates how OCPD programs can be taken in conjunction for maximal benefit
  • Suggests structure for students and postdocs making IDPs, yearly plans, or career plans
  • Normalizes career and professional development as part of every stage of a PhD or postdoc

How can I use the timeline?

However it would help you! Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Check in with the timeline once per year to see what programs or resources you may benefit from
  • Download the PDF and click on resources and programs to learn more about them on our website
  • Bring it to a planning conversation with your mentor or PI to make sure that career and professional development are part of your training
  • Share it with a labmate, classmate, or mentee to demonstrate your support for their career and professional development
  • Print it out and post it on a bulletin board in your hallway or gathering space to spread the word about OCPD’s resources
  • Learn about the wide range of topics that are part of career and professional development


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