Training Researchers and INterns for Upcoming Professors (TRAIN-UP)

The TRAIN-UP series provides life science research trainees with the knowledge and skills to mentor, train and supervise students and staff members from diverse backgrounds.


image of Laurence Clement teachingThe TRAIN-UP series is a collaboration with City College of San Francisco's Bridge to Biosciences program. The goals of the program are to teach future faculty (or scientists who expect to manage people in any career path) how to mentor, teach and supervise inclusively.

Participants then can practice and develop their skills by taking on a CCSF Bridge to Biosciences program intern, and receive coaching and support in teaching research techniques and supervisory responsibilities (including setting expectations, teaching/training/delegating, giving feedback, recognizing progress, articulating consequences, managing conflict and providing support). 

Participants can take up to three components:

1. TRAIN-UP: Introduction to Mentoring course 

Learn the theory on how to mentor, train and supervise researchers from diverse backgrounds, and how to manage the inevitable role conflict.

2. TRAIN-UP Applied 

Apply the TRAIN-UP concepts and get support while mentoring, training and supervising interns from diverse backgrounds.

3. Inclusive Mentoring Fellows program

Mentor an intern from CCSF's Bridge to Biosciences program and receive a small stipend.