Industry Research Careers

What does it take to do research in industry?

If you love research but aren’t sure about a position in academia, consider research in industry!

Researcher positions in the biotech industry allow you to continue to work at the bench, but you work for a company instead of a university. These positions can be a great opportunity to continue scientific research and make a contribution to the development of new drugs for patients. What is the "biotech industry"? For a brief overview, check out this article by Paul Diehl.

Toby Freedman’s book Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development provides a great overview of the biotechnology industry and the types of positions available, including researcher positions. A shorter guide to some of the biotech positions can be found in the PhD Career Guide. For more information on all of the non-researcher jobs that surround the bench work in the biotech industry, see our Business of Science workshop series.

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