Field Science Careers

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What is field science?

Scientists in the field link a company to practitioners, customers, and key opinion leaders.

Field scientists positions represent a variety of careers for biomedical scientist PhDs. Ranging from technical sales, field applications, and medical science liaisons, positions in this area are found in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. These roles offer support to researchers or clinicians who are customers of your company, maintain peer-to-peer relationships with key opinion leaders, and serve as internal experts in a particular field. Consequently, each type of role offers a great diversity of opportunities, allowing those interested in this career to specialize based on their area of interest or expertise.

For example, with microscope manufacturers, microscopists can find application scientists who are responsible for the sale, installation, and maintenance of equipment, or who serve as collaborators in experimental design and implementation.

The common thread among these positions is that communication and interpersonal skills are critical, as professionals in these roles interface directly with scientists or physicians who utilize a product, piece of equipment, or drug developed by the company for which you work.

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