Organizing a Dentistry Job or Residency Search


Searching for a job can take a month or a year, depending on the position you seek and the market. But there are things you can do to use your time and resources effectively. Here are the key steps to organizing a successful job search:

  1. Write your resume, CV, cover letter or other application materials
  2. Prepare for your interview
  3. Check out our Job Opportunities Board
  4. Accept or decline the position professionally


Review the basics of preparing for the residency process:

  1. Considering residency? The ADA gives a great overview about residency, and criteria to consider if residency is right for you. 
  2. Read the ADA guide to applying for residency: Read about the match process, using the PASS registration system, and timeline to apply.
  3. Write you resume, CV, cover letter or other application materials 
  4. Prepare for your interview

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