Training Researchers and INterns for Upcoming Professors (TRAIN-UP)

The goal of the Training Researchers and INterns for Upcoming Professors (TRAIN-UP) Series is to provide life science research trainees with the knowledge and skills to mentor, train and supervise students and staff members from diverse backgrounds. The TRAIN-UP series are co-sponsored by City College of San Francisco's Bridge to Biosciences program and include:

  • TRAIN-UP Introduction to Mentoring program: Learn the theory on how to mentor, train and supervise researchers from diverse backgrounds through this new UCSF course, to be offered in August 2015.
  • TRAIN-UP Applied: Apply the TRAIN-UP concepts and get support while mentoring, training and supervising interns from diverse backgrounds.
  • TRAIN-UP Mini:  Preview of The TRAIN-UP Introduction to Mentoring program for SRTP and SEP mentors to support diverse interns.


Other mentoring opportunities with our partners:

Mentor a high school student in your UCSF lab during the summer. For questions, please contact Katherine Nielsen, Co-Director of SEP.

Mentor a USF undergraduate student in your current lab. Contact: Deneb Karentz ([email protected])


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