Establishing Yourself in a New Position

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There are 6 things that a new mentee needs to assess and understand about themselves and their mentor/manager to establish a well-functioning professional relationship in a new position. In this interactive session, we'll use real-life examples to discuss best practices and illustrate how well-intentioned mentoring relationships can take a wrong turn. We'll then talk about what factors you should be monitoring from day 1, what tangible actions you should take, and how to determine the benchmarks of success in your mentoring relationship in the first 10% of your time or the 90 days (whichever comes first) You'll never wonder if your mentorship relationship is on track again!


Naledi Saul - Director, UCSF Office of Career and Professional Development and Interim Chief of Staff, SAA/Graduate Division


  • Live virtual workshop
  • Group work
  • Individual work



This program is part of the Manage Up series and is offered in coordination with our Internships and Experiential Learning course.

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