Part 1: Search for faculty positions

Searching job boards may yield some promising positions, but networking is also a powerful means of locating academic jobs that might be a good fit. We provide suggestions for both below.


1. Networking

  • Give talks at meetings, and tell people who are enthusiastic about your work that you’ll be going on the market.
  • Your PI or other mentors can ask their colleagues at other institutions if they plan to hire someone in your field over the next year or two. There is often a long delay between a department’s decision to hire someone and the actual posting of the position, so this strategy may give you advance notice of suitable jobs.
  • Conduct informational interviews with people familiar with the type of academic setting you seek. These could include former postdocs you know who have gone on to faculty positions.


2. Job boards

Each of these job boards has a slightly different emphasis and enables you to search in different ways. As you sift through these sites, closely examine the job descriptions for the types of positions that interest you, noting the salary ranges, and application materials that they typically request.

  • Chronicle of Higher Education
    Positions in every field, mostly in the U.S., good source of jobs with teaching emphasis, can be narrowed to include only community colleges.
  • Nature Jobs
    Searchable by zip code, salary range, degree required, type of position.
  • Science Careers
    Positions in many scientific disciplines, predominantly in North America.
  • New Scientist Jobs
    Positions mostly outside the U.S.; some academic positions but more non-academic positions; searchable by subfields of life sciences, chemistry, engineering, and physics.
  • Northern California HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium)
    Faculty and administrative positions within public and independent schools, colleges, and universities in Northern California. Searchable by member institution or by specific region of Northern California.
  • Moving somewhere else? There are 11 other HERCs covering different parts of the U.S.
  • California Community College Registry
    Faculty, support staff and management jobs in California’s 112 community colleges.
  • Professional societies in your discipline.
    But note that different societies have different ways of advertising academic jobs. The International Society for Computational Biology hosts a job board, for example, while academic chemistry positions often get posted in the Chemical & Engineering News.


3. Found a position that looks like a good fit?

Part 2:  Visit our Creating your Application Materials page to get started putting your application package together.