The Inclusive STAR (Supervisor, Trainer, and Advisor for Researchers)

Welcome to our limited-series coaching blog for UCSF biomedical students and postdocs learning to be inclusive research mentors as part of our UCSF-CCSF Inclusive Mentoring Fellows (IMF) program.

Welcome to The Inclusive STAR (Supervisor, Trainer and Advisor for Researchers).

We're teaching emerging scientists-in-training and future faculty (UCSF students and postdocs) how to inclusively supervise, train and advise in our Inclusive Research Mentor course and UCSF-CCSF Inclusive Mentoring Fellows (IMF) program. 

This limited series blog is designed to respond to issues that our Inclusive Mentoring Fellows are facing as they supervise, train and advise City College of San Francisco mentee interns in their labs.

Each week during the IMF program, we send out "pulse surveys" to our IMF graduate students and postdocs to identify issues and coach them through situations they face in supervising, training and advising their interns.   

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