Networking 101

"Networking" is just another name for the conversations you have, and relationships you build, with people in your professional community while you are pursuing your professional goals. As a student, reaching out to friends, advisors, faculty, mentors and colleagues can help you learn more about career options and opportunities. 


1. How to find people to talk to & build your professional network

  • Register for UCSF Connect. The Alumni Association and OCPD have launched this new networking platform to help UCSF students, postdocs and alumni connect! This tool allows alumni to identify the ways they would be willing to connect with students and postdocs. You can view if alums are open to answering questions, reviewing your CV, or conducting an informational interview! Registration takes less than 2 minutes using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.
  • Join our LinkedIn UCSF Alumni Network Group (Students and Postdocs Welcome!) and connect with your community around career and professional development issues!


2. How to establish a professional relationship


3. How to network in specific settings


4. How to establish a presence on social media


5. Want more help in approaching someone in your professional community?