Pharmacy CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters

A common question that many pharmacy students often ask our office is how they can stand out during their time at UCSF so that they have unique and compelling experiences to write about in their application materials, and also talk about in interviews. This concern is especially relevant for our first-generation students, who may have had less exposure to conversations about career development.

The "Choose Your Own Pharmacy Professional Success Adventure" game animation series was created in partnership with pharmacy faculty to help illuminate the hidden professional curriculum that is often central to the success of students during their time at UCSF.  

To play the game:

Watch the Intro video below, then choose which approach you think would align best with your current style of professional engagement to see what your future might look like.

Choose Wisely Below!

You can also take a peek into an alternate reality if you aren't satisfied with the path you choose.

Roadmap Approach

Explorer Approach


The samples below are donated by UCSF students, residents and alumni to offer you ideas to format and present your skills and experience.

Note: Please do not copy the text verbatim. It is unethical and unwise, as employers and residency directors may recognize our samples.

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