Planning Your Faculty Career

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Welcome to Planning Your Faculty Career!

Our extensive set of resources to support trainees in getting faculty positions includes short videos, frequent accompanying workshops on Zoom, online resources like slides and sample application materials, and 1:1 counseling. All of these resources are linked from this page, either below or in the sidebar, and can be used at any time during your training.

Are you applying to faculty positions in 2021?

Faculty Career Series is a mailing list that guides trainees through the application process

People who sign up for the Faculty Career Series receive announcements about our videos, workshops, and resources every one to two weeks from August through December. Sign up to stay on track and get the support you need in the 2021 hiring cycle. The Faculty Career Series sign-up requires a UCSF MyAccess log-in.

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Prepare (offered in spring)

Resources for Preparing for Faculty positions

Apply (offered in summer)

Resources for Applying for Faculty positions

Interview (offered in fall)

 Resources for Interviewing for Faculty positions

Negotiate (offered in winter)

Resources for Negotiating for a Faculty Position