Self Assessment: What's important to you?

Self assessment is the first step to your successful career. 'Self assessment' is your ability to reflect and articulate your values, interests, abilities and personal work style. This step is often overlooked when students and postdocs are thinking about their career choice, but it's important since your responses serve as your criteria to evaluate the pros and cons of different career paths and specific jobs. Reflect on your preferences often, because as we grow and develop, our values, interests, abilities and personal work styles can change. 

Check out resources and assessment tools:


Reading online articles is a great first step:

  • Spend time to collect data on yourself and make your career search and job decisions more efficient. Read this article about Career A or B: making the decision, a NatureJobs article
  • Read about the many Transferrable Skills of PhDs and how to choose a career that fits, a Vitae article

Assessment Tools

There are a number of free, online assessment tools that help you explore your values, interests, abilities and personal work style. While the OCPD does not specifically endorse any particular tool, students have reported that they have found the following resources helpful:


  • MAP is an annual planning tool designed for UCSF students to help identify short and long term goals. Download your MAP and make plans to progress in your degree program and career objectives.