Academic Careers: Start Here

Academic Career Development Programs

Are you interested in pursuing a faculty career?  In our three academic series, offered annually, you will learn how to: 1) position yourself an academic career while at UCSF and apply for opportunities (PAC-UP), 2) teach skillfully (STEP-UP), and 3) mentor and supervise effectively (TRAIN-UP).

Getting a Faculty Position:

PAC-UP Series: Planning your Academic Career for Upcoming Professors


Image of a signpost with the words learn and teach on the signs

Teaching Students: 

STEP-UP Science Teaching Effectiveness Program for Upcoming Professors


Image of a wordle featuring words like mentor, supervise and train

Mentoring and Training Students: 

TRAIN-UP Training Researchers And INterns for Upcoming Professors


Manage Up:

Skills and savviness to effectively navigate any professional situation


  • Learn how to consistently position yourself for success.
  • Develop key competencies: assess professional situations, manage power differentials, access resources