Every Month is Career Exploration Month for PhDs

Read about career paths, hear employers and alumni talk about their positions, learn new skills like informational interviewing and reflecting on whether a career path is right for you. From stand alone programs, to peer career exploration groups, we've got some of the most comprehensive career exploration initiatives in the nation!

What we offer in Every Month

Every month, we offer programs, feature articles through our listservs and create opportunities for graduate students and postdocs to more thoroughly explore a different career path. Want to learn more? Sign up to our listservs!

Below, you can also click on the link for curated resources about a particular career path. Read about scientists who have made the transition, use the MyIDP tool to assess if your skills, interests and values are a good fit for that career path, and learn about the types of organizations that hire.

Want to discuss your career exploration further? Schedule an appointment with Michael Matrone, Program Director for Non-Academic Career Development!

Explore a new career every month


Wondering exactly what it means to "explore your career options" as a biomedical sciences student or postdoc? Check out this quick video we created that breaks down your journey!


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