Pursuing Diverse Careers for Basic and Biomedical Scientists

Basic and biomedical science PhDs have a wide range of careers open to them. If you want to explore those options, you're in the right place! The Office of Career and Professional Development has programming and resources to support you in finding and then achieving your career goals.

Looking to launch yourself into a career beyond academia?

Look no further. Our office works with graduate students and postdocs in every stage of their career and professional development. We have programs, resources and services to help you assess yourself, explore career options, organize your job search, and develop the professional skills to succeed in your career.

Getting a job (no matter what kind!) is a four-step process:

1. Self-assessment: The ability to reflect on articulate your skills, interests, and values helps you recognize which jobs are a good fit for you and discuss why you're interested in moving in a new direction. 

2. Exploration: Find out about career paths and specific job titles closely align with your skills, interests, experience and work values.

3. Preparing for your career path: If you know what positions you're aiming for, the next step is to determine the skills and experiences that will make you competitive for your chosen career path, and find out about on- and off-campus opportunities to develop in those areas.

4. Job search: Learn the strategies to organize your search while at UCSF, and how to navigate each step, from tailoring a CV to interviewing effectively.

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